The Impact of a Book

As teachers we are always encouraging our students to read.  Our students go to the library often in search of the perfect book.  I myself didn’t discover the love of reading until middle school.  I finally realized that teachers did not have to dictate EVERYTHING that I read.  Middle school.  Over a decade… took me to discover the power of a good book.

Fast forward (a short time) until now.  As parImage result for innovator's mindsett of the North Carolina Digital Leadership Coaching Network, through the NC State Friday Institute, I was handed this GEM.  Most educational books aren’t meant to “read aloud.”  This sentence captured my attention and now is placed on my desk as a reminder:

“We forget that if students leave school less curious than when they started, we have failed them.”  

I found myself picking it up at all times of the day and reading it to who ever would listen.  Funny enough, no one ran away.  My students would say, “You need to share that with my teacher,” or “Highlight that Mrs. Sirkin!”  I was able to model my love and excitement for a good book with my staff and students.  The questions quickly became, “What did you read today?” and, “I’m reading something great too!  Wanna hear about it?”

As a technology teacher, this book set me straight and validated so many ideas.  Programs do not replace teachers.  Teachers must feel empowered. Relationships are key to risk, change, and innovation.  As a technology coach, I needed to unleash the potential of my staff to change the mindset of our school.

Today a book is more than a book. Innovator’s Mindset was so intriguing to me, that when I heard the author would be the keynote for our state tech conference, I couldn’t miss it.  I felt like the biggest nerd on the planet, but I had to hear more….from the front row.  I couldn’t wrexcitementite fast enough and just had to set the pen down. I know George Couros thought, WHAT A CHEESE.  George’s sessions propelled me into Twitter world.  The #IMMOOC twitter chat and live sessions have been just as compelling as the book.  Thanks to George Couros, I have been able to calibrate my thinking to be a part of the conversation that changes the culture of schools for good…..around the world.


The power of words is immeasurable.  Two hundred and thirty seven pages, new friends, and an awesome new PLN of world changers.   The impact on students is priceless.  We all have so much to learn. Our children are worth it.

What are you reading?  How has it impacted your classroom or school?  Who are you sharing your inspiration with?

Please respond with your thoughts.  Since Innovator’s Mindset, I’ve read Kids Deserve it and Teach Like a Pirate (both great reads.) Now, I’m deep into the awesome, Lead Like a Pirate.  Perhaps Dave Burgess Consulting is onto something. 😉