People Before Programs

Yesterday, I had a scheduled planning with a new teacher in our school.  Our plan was to go over the technology resources available at our school.  Excited to make the most of our time, I plowed through a grand grocery list of programs.  After 45 minutes, we didn’t still didn’t finish.  I felt like I had just ran a marathon.  I couldn’t imagine how my new friend felt. I became the “accidental diminisher”…….Sometimes as leaders our good intentions can diminish the enthusiasm of those around us.  It reminded me of this Wiseman Group infographic discussed at our North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network pow wow (because they are my tribe).


How can I prevent from my new friend ducking around the corner when I round the hallway again?  There is no perfect answer to this question.  What we must realize is that people and our relationships are most important.  My sprint through the list will not stick.  Reflecting, a moment chatting about prior experiences, inspiration, and goals would have been the better road to take.  In the same sense, focusing on the learning and 4Cs would have been more appropriate. I love this infographic adapted from the children’s book Going Places by Paul and Peter Reynolds.  Click here for  a free poster.

Image result for above and beyond 4cs infographic

Technology for the sake of technology is no bueno.  When seeking the program or technology that best suites the needs of your students, consider these questions:  Does it help them learn better?  Does it make concepts more relevant to my students?  Which of the 4Cs does it incorporate?

Dear new teacher friend, I hope I didn’t scare you too badly.  I’m not too crazy, just excited about learning together with you and our students.  Coaches, school leaders, and world changers……it is okay to be excited.  Don’t kill your spark.  Remember, your spark is fabulous.  Use it to form great relationships to change the world for good.  People are always the solution, not programs. Keep on truckin!


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