We Must Have a Growth Mindset Ourselves #IMMOOC E1



This is first week of #IMMOOC with The Innovator’s Mindset.  Jo Boaler rocked this session as a guest speaker.  One comment she made really stuck with me, “If we want our students to have a growth m

indset, we must adopt that mindset ourselves.”  She also mentioned how learning changes our identity.  I couldn’t agree more.

Jo’s specialty is math as she has authored, Mathematical Mindsets. I love her perspective on how our approach to math instruction should change to better our society as a whole. By sharing a growth mindset with our students, everyone will continue to grow onward and upward.

Her approach applies to so much more.   Students must see us as learners with them.  I recall George saying, “In a classroom, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.”  This contributes to an amazing culture of caring and excellence in our learning spaces.

This reminds me of a fun experience in second grade.  In second grade, students are in the final steps of learning to read as they prepare to go into the read to learn phase of their academic career.  I wanted to model the importance of practice and persistence for my students, but how could I do so when I knew how to read?  I had recently bought a blue guitar.  As a primary teacher, I spent many days incorporating music with instruction.  Learning how to play a musical instrument is quite similar to learning how to read.  It takes tons of practice and instruction.  As an awful guitar player, I brought it to my students and had them help me come up with a plan. They suggested I enroll in lessons and practice. My students were able to observe and encourage my growth along the way.  Interestingly, they called me out when they noticed my practice habits slacking. This helped me truly relate to students learning something completely new.

It was an incredibly humbling experience to show my struggle to my students. Identifying with them on this level taught them that it is okay to be challenged and it is not always easy.  The push through is totally worth it.

How are you connecting with your students?

How are you modeling change and growth mindset with your students?

What can you do to help foster intrinsic motivation among your students? 


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