You Can Eat a Whale…..One Bite at a Time

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At a young age, I learned to listen to my elders.  A few years ago, I sat in a funeral for a dear friend’s husband.  His son spoke about wise things his father said.  One of his wise sayings was, “You can eat a whale, one bite at a time.”  I live in a coastal community, so we have many things that can be said about the ocean that applies to real life.  This piece of wisdom has stuck with me from the moment it reached my ears.  There are certainly many times in life where we can feel like the tasks at hand are larger than a whale with no end in site.  I have found this to be true more times than I can count.  Being a mom, teacher, leader, reader, fun person and maid can fill a plate quickly.  In these situations we all have two choices: 1. Complain about it OR 2. Start eating the whale.  What good would this blog be if I didn’t have a few “eating” strategies?

  1. Stay Optimistic – Your tasks are part of a greater vision.  Remember that. Know that even if it may not be the most enjoyable task, it will be beneficial to others.   Remember that more is possible than impossible. If it has never been done before, then be a pioneer!
  2. Solicit Help – If your whale can be shared, find a few key people to help you carry out your task or goal.  I have a core group of colleagues who I know I can call on for just about anything without worrying about judgement.  Those friends are true treasures.  Remember to be this person for others as much as possible.
  3. Keep a To Do List – This has been one of my best strategies.  It feels so good to check items off of a list.  Recently, I’ve began using Google Keep as a tool for task lists.  I just love how it strikes through completed tasks.  It is the little things friends.
  4. Be Honest – This is so important.  Being honest is a time saver too.  By doing so, you don’t have to worry about back tracking and covering up or remembering truth.  Who ever said, “The truth will set you free,” really knew what they were saying.  It is okay to say, “I don’t know.”  Somehow we have become a culture where that seems taboo.  Those around you will certainly appreciate your truth more than deceit.  

I have been eating my own whales lately, and felt like perhaps this little phrase can be what helps you get through your lists.

Remember, nothing worth achieving is ever easy.

Keep forging through and doing your very best every day! You will sleep better at night and accomplish mounds of greatness!


What are the whales of your time? 

How can you change how you approach what seems impossible? 

Who can you surround yourself with for support?

Who can you support that may be eating their own whale? 


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