Marinate, Marinate,….Write Already!

Two years.  Two years is how long I have had this blog marinating.  Last year, I even psyched myself up and had a contest with students to name my blog.  No post.  Why?  Writing is not something that I tend to put off.  I always have a grant or persuasive paper tucked away in my mind waiting to be written.  Why would I put this off?  There is a certain vulnerability that I just didn’t want to consider.   Why would I just put myself out there…..thoughts and all?  All of the ingredients were present but inspiration.

As a new “tweeter,”  I quickly realized that, “every one is doing it.”  My old school D.A.R.E. tactics were not necessary when my new friend, George Couros, author of The Innovator’s Mindset, put it in terms that I could not deny.  Blogging our journey as professionals is a way to help track growth and bring the relationship piece back into the realm of technology.   The world is shrinking, and never before have we had such access to professionals all over the globe that have the same vision, struggles, and fears as myself.

Growth, that is inspiration.  Why is growth so important?  In order to be relevant and ready for our schools and students, we must grow. Growth is synonymous with change. What good is a technology teacher who doesn’t change?  What good is a teacher with out a vision for change?  Change for the sake of change is not helpful.  Purposeful change, innovation, is so important.  As a coach, my peers are constantly hearing me encourage risk, change, GROWTH.  This leap of faith through a blog was me being the change I wanted to see.  I’ve had to step outside of my comfort zone.

It sounds so cliche when we say, “Be the change you want to see.”  You want to have a more positive relationship with parents – be the change.  You want to have students excited about learning – be the change.  You want your network to be stronger – be the change.  Initiate change.  Build relationships with your colleagues and other professionals to journey through growth together.  These relationships serve as a catalyst for risk taking, innovation, and positive change for good.

Change for some may mean taking a deep look into what is not working in your bubble of learning.  Are the same students having the same problems over and over again?  Are you still tuning into 1980’s research radio on Pavlovian styles of motivation?  Change your iTunes to today friends.  We know so much more about the brain and what is best for children than we did even ten years ago.

I challenge you to consider growth and change for yourself as a professional.  Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 15 years?  We all have this inner compass steering us in the right direction.  Listen to it.

We all know someone who could use a little change.  Find someone to share your professional goals with and ask them to hold you accountable. Who can you encourage along the way?



7 thoughts on “Marinate, Marinate,….Write Already!”

  1. Hello friend 🙂 I am glad you are making this jump and seeing the long term picture. Not only has my blog helped me understand my own growth, but it has become a library of my own thinking and research. I never understood it then, but am so grateful I have stuck with the process. It has been the best thing I have ever done as a professional. Stick with it, and years from now, you will say the same thing.

    Nice work!

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  2. Thank you for being brave! Because you were, I have the pleasure of being enlightened by your journey. Thank you for explaining why growth is so important as well. Great job! You have a blog fan in me…


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